Friday, December 04, 2009

caricatures: susan boyle, martha stewart, slyvia browne

The caricatures are Sylvia Browne, Susan boyle, my Aunt Gayla who I drew after thanks giving dinner and Martha Stewart.

Random moleskin drawings

The guy with the big nose actually exists, he is in my ward at church. When I first saw him I was so excited to draw him, it's not to often you see a nose like that. The other two I drew out of my head.

More shower drawings

I am still seeing lots of random weird cool images on the glass around me when I shower. Usually I see a part of the image as I shower and I start to remember what I am seeing and as I memorize what it looks like I see more of the image. As I do this I am both discovering and creating because certain shapes I ignore and others I pay attention to. It's such an interesting way to create a drawing and one that never ceases to surprise and excite me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

more caricature practice

Oprah, Peter Patrelli, and Jim from the Office. The coloring with Oprah was my first attempt as oil pastels. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do color with caricatures.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Caricature post

Here are a few caricatures I have done recently, I have been trying out coloring methods, pastel and colored pencil. I think I like colored pencil better. If you are wondering who someone is the names are at the bottom under the labels.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Testimony drawings 2

Both of these drawings makes me laugh when I see them.
I came in late so I missed the point of his story where he cries into his soup but since I missed the explanation I found it funny.

The text I have written here is a summation of a ten minute story about pennies that he found all over his house and at school and then some other story about a kid who thought it was his dead dad who left pennies on the ground for him, all of that to make the above point.
This was in Priesthood, the drawing on the right is the Elder's Quorum President, I just liked the drawing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Testimony drawings

I have started drawing people in church during testimony meeting. Some of these are exact quotes, some are quotes mixed in with summaries of the testimony and others are just summaries of the testimony. They are from when I visited DavenPort for my nephews baby blessing and from when I went to a friends ward. Oddly, none of these are from my own ward.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con 09 - Artists

I didn't take a lot of pictures of the artists I met but here are a few pitures. I really liked these oil paintings by Lark Pien, the colors were so amazing. I would have bought one but they were 75 dollars for one as they were originals.
I thought these little sculptures by Leslie Levings were awesome, they are called Beastlies

This is Hope Larson one my favorite cartoonists. I went to a panel that spotlighted her. There weren't a lot of people that came and so I sat in the front row and sat down next to Scott Mcloud (who made the book "Understanding comics) and her husband Bryan Lee O'Malley who is the creator of Scott Pilgram Of course I didn't reconize them and didn't realize who they were until Hope started talking about them and pointing to them.

Tara McPherson

Comic Con 09 - Costumes

I got back from Comic Con last night which was really cool. Usually when I go I get all excited about the panels with all the famous celebrities, the ones that take waiting in line 2 hours to get into. This year I had more of a focus and decided to go to the panels that would be more helpful in helping me get my career going and inspire me the most.
Anyway I didn't take a lot of pictures of costumed people or celebrities but here are some pictures I did take.

This Wolverine guy liked crashing pictures. He would see people taking pictures and run over and pose with the other people whether they liked it or not. I only had it happen twice to me but over the time period I was at comic con I saw this guy do it so much. He was the biggest attention whore I have ever seen at Comic Con and I find it pretty funny. If you look at the last one it looks like he is checking out the Cobra girls butt.

I thought the stringed instrument thing was pretty original.

The Sign is actually Gentle Giants I just found it funny to cut of the giants part.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jesus drawings

When I go to church I bring my moleskin and I draw in it. I see pictures of Jesus hanging all over the place and since I got tired of people moving when I tried drawing them I started drawing Jesus. I am seeing how many different variations I can make. I scanned them and put them together into these four pages.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shower Head experience

This morning when I was showering I decided to look for another image to draw and this time I saw a curved shape and it caused this image to pop into my head in color and everything. I drew the image and thought it was a little strange how this really clear image popped into my head and I hoped it wasn't going to happen to me or anyone I knew. Anyway I got home from work today with a really bad head ache and it made me wonder if my body was somehow warning me with a symbolic image. Perhaps I created a self fulling prophecy, who knows maybe I am just reading to much into this.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As seen on: the shower wall + a video

I have been seeing creatures on the glass of my shower wall, well really just shapes and I fill in missing bits and pieces and then create images in my head. I memorize the image and draw it out and that's what all of these images are from. I change little bits here and there and add stuff when it needs it. I love this though, it's gotten me excited about drawing again and I plan on making more.

My roommate Ash Ram is a fashion photographer and he lets me go to his photo shoots every now and again and so the last time I went I made a behind the scenes video.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alexis Grace

At this point I don't expect anyone to know who this is unless you watch American Idol and even then I wouldn't expect anyone to know this girls name. Anyway, I was impressed with her singing tonight and I thought I would start drawing those contestants that I was impressed with. Maybe even as a bit of a predictor of who will do good, at least who I think will do good later on. Who knows, she may not even make the top 12 but hey it's good drawing practice.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A nice swim in the grass

I made this last summer, I worked on it for three months. I was waiting to post it when I got music to go with it and I still hope to get music but until then I figured I might as well post it.


I made these illustrations almost a year ago for a friend who wanted to make a book about dinosaurs for her niece. She wanted to place pictures of her niece on the dinosaurs or somewhere near them. For example on the Triceratops she would be riding it like a bucking bronco. I gave the images to my friend, I don't know if she ever did anything with them though. I figure I might as well do something with the images and post them here.