Monday, June 09, 2008

My Stop Motion Boogie

It was a lot of fun making this video. It took about two hours to film and a lot of sweat and three or four days of editing. It was a little more challenging than I thought but I learned a lot and if I ever make another stop motion dance video it will be pretty cool.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

playing songs backwards -"Time of my life"

So I have this strange little hobby of playing songs backwards and writing down the lyrics and posting it on youtube. The strange thing that I am finding is that when you play a song backwards it never really sounds like much, you may hear a few things but as you really listen over and over you can make out a lot of stuff. This latest video of David Cooks single I did simply because I am hearing about how hot he is right now and I wanted to see if I could leech off of his popularity right now. I had no idea if it would have anything backwards but sure enough it has some pretty funny and relevant stuff in it. So did the leeching thing work? Let me put it this way, normally with my reverse videos it takes a day or two to get a hundred views and then it winds down and I get like 20 a day on average, that is for the good ones. With this one I got two thousand views in the first two days and now in day 5 it is up to like 3200, my highest video is at 3600 but that video has been up for like 5 months.