Friday, December 04, 2009

caricatures: susan boyle, martha stewart, slyvia browne

The caricatures are Sylvia Browne, Susan boyle, my Aunt Gayla who I drew after thanks giving dinner and Martha Stewart.

Random moleskin drawings

The guy with the big nose actually exists, he is in my ward at church. When I first saw him I was so excited to draw him, it's not to often you see a nose like that. The other two I drew out of my head.

More shower drawings

I am still seeing lots of random weird cool images on the glass around me when I shower. Usually I see a part of the image as I shower and I start to remember what I am seeing and as I memorize what it looks like I see more of the image. As I do this I am both discovering and creating because certain shapes I ignore and others I pay attention to. It's such an interesting way to create a drawing and one that never ceases to surprise and excite me.