Friday, December 04, 2009

caricatures: susan boyle, martha stewart, slyvia browne

The caricatures are Sylvia Browne, Susan boyle, my Aunt Gayla who I drew after thanks giving dinner and Martha Stewart.


p.lee said...

haha! i love it!

Tanya Wilde said...

ADAM!! Hey, it's Tanya from BYU Idaho like yearssss ago. "Tyler's GF." Anywayz, HI! I was talking about the good ol' days with some friends and remembered you, and I found you! You're work is awesomely funny, I'm so happy to see how successful you are! I'm married with 5 kids. Good times. It's good to see you again! Find me on FB as Tanya Wilde and lets be friends! Take care. (: