Friday, May 15, 2009

Shower Head experience

This morning when I was showering I decided to look for another image to draw and this time I saw a curved shape and it caused this image to pop into my head in color and everything. I drew the image and thought it was a little strange how this really clear image popped into my head and I hoped it wasn't going to happen to me or anyone I knew. Anyway I got home from work today with a really bad head ache and it made me wonder if my body was somehow warning me with a symbolic image. Perhaps I created a self fulling prophecy, who knows maybe I am just reading to much into this.

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Anonymous said...

This head gives superb pressure at only 2.5gpm and full coverage. It feels like more pressure than my old shower head
I feel like I’m at a spa. The air that is added to the water to boost pressure does make it sting ever so slightly, I have tried over 10 showerheads in the past. This is the best one so far.