Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con 09 - Costumes

I got back from Comic Con last night which was really cool. Usually when I go I get all excited about the panels with all the famous celebrities, the ones that take waiting in line 2 hours to get into. This year I had more of a focus and decided to go to the panels that would be more helpful in helping me get my career going and inspire me the most.
Anyway I didn't take a lot of pictures of costumed people or celebrities but here are some pictures I did take.

This Wolverine guy liked crashing pictures. He would see people taking pictures and run over and pose with the other people whether they liked it or not. I only had it happen twice to me but over the time period I was at comic con I saw this guy do it so much. He was the biggest attention whore I have ever seen at Comic Con and I find it pretty funny. If you look at the last one it looks like he is checking out the Cobra girls butt.

I thought the stringed instrument thing was pretty original.

The Sign is actually Gentle Giants I just found it funny to cut of the giants part.

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Mike Laughead said...

Just so you know I've seen the stringed instrument character online somewhere. She is a real comic character, so not quite as inventive for the fan.