Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brooke White from American Idol

Brook White is so freaking hot, my drawings really just make her ugly. She has a light about her and just this energy I love and her music video she has previously made is growing on me a lot. Anyway, yeah I will be voting for her whenever I watch the show.


Huny and the Wyld 1z said...

LOL I love it! great job

Aaron said...

man your sketches are getting better, especially the john mcain! great stuff man keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiments regarding Brook White. Wow, I'm trying not to sound like a potential stalker, but. . . I also never leave comments on blogs, so she's also turned me into a geek! Simon's a c$%t, but he's right. She's a little sqeaky clean. But don't despair, fame will ruin her marriage, and alcohol, drugs and sex tapes will inevitably follow. At which point we'll feel slightly less dissapointed about the fact we'll never actually get to meet her.