Monday, March 03, 2008

Caricature posts

The picture is from when I was drawing caricatures at a place called "Brick Oven Pizza" and I drew many of the girls on a traveling team of girl’s high school volley players. Unfortunately I only had my camera phone which didn't do a very good job of capturing the drawings I made.
Here is a link to some of the posts of caricatures that I have done in the past.
Company event
Five drawings
My friend Jenna
George Clooney
Dwight from The Office


Jake Bright said...

Hey right on! Did you get paid for it? If not it's still really cool

Jake Bright said...

About your question(s) over going home: I don't know exactly when I'm coming back, probably when I get accepted to BYU, however long that takes. Or until these problems/deaths pass by. I know, it's kind of crude to put it that way, but that's what's going on.

I've already decided that I'm going to Comic-Con, I just don't know whether to fly up to Provo or San Diego, what do you think