Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where's Adam In Halloween Town 4 - Return to Witch University?

In 2006 I was an extra in the Disney movie Halloween Town 4 - Return to Witch University. I have counted at least 15 times I appear in the movie however people rarely see me in it because I am usually on for less than a second each time and many of those don't include my face. Today I found that the movie had been posted on Youtube so I took screen shots of when I appear. When looking for me, use the picture I took of myself as reference. Look for a green sports jacket and the hat I was wearing to help you find me. Other times it will just be my face. Anyway, here are the screenshots:


Heather Tracy said...

I SEE YOU!!!!! Never tried to watch the movie, but I see you!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where that was filmed? In particular, the building used for the "university"

Adam Borg said...

It was filmed in Salt Lake City, there is a large building across the street from the Salt Lake City library that was used and the park area in front of the building was also used. Part of the time computer graphics were used to add onto the building and make it look bigger.