Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reflections on the power of thought
I have been reading alot in the past 8 months and one of the things that I have read about it the power of our thoughts and how we attract into our lives that which we think about. Now at first glance it might be one of those things that sounds good in theory but not something you actually believe happens with very much effect. Well I've noticed it to be very true in my life and here are some examples in my life.
The first thing that happened that started to help me see this principle in my life was at my job as a delievery driver. Over all we get pretty good tips and not getting tipped happens but only a few times in an entire month and rarely twince in a row. Anyway one day I went three days staight, about seven delievers with no tip, nothing. It was freakishly wierd, like this never happened to anyone and I wanted to know why it happened to me. I then recalled hearing about how you attract what you think about. Well I was playing the vitim, I was getting attention from the employees "Ah man that sucks it's your third day in a row of no tips!" As bad as it sucked I was getting attention. Anyway I changed my thoughts and said to myself "okay it's time to start getting tips again and I am going to make alot to make up for this drought. The next trip I delievered to this guy who told me "Oh we already got our order sorry." Apparently someone had printed off two of the same orders. In my mind I was saying "oh this is unbelieveable, it's happening again" But I changed my thoughts and decided to trust it was going to work out. The man called my manager and asked for a discount, he said he would pay 40 of the 60 the order cost since he still had more employees. My manager said "I tell you what, the order was a mess up that we would just throw away so why don't I give it to you if you give what you would have paid to my driver, he has been having so really bad luck. So I got a 40 dollar tip on a order that could have easily gotten me nothing. That was just the start.
I have always kept that lesson in mind and I usually get pretty good tips. Anyway I have been trying it again but with more intent. At the start of the day I say some kind of statement to my self. One day I said, I would really like to get 40 dollars in tips, 30 is okay but I want 40 (this is for a two hour shift). Anyway my first order was a 40 dollar tip, just like that, it blew me away and I got some other really good tips so I got alot more than 40.
The past couple of weeks I have been doing a more general type of thought like "I get really good tips" and then I just trust that it will work out. Some times someone gives me a bad tip but then next three will be really good totally making up for it. On alot of my orders I have been getting 20 percent tips which for what I used to get on average (10 percent).
Another day I was reading one of my books that said to tell yourself "I am finanical abundant" and so I said it. That day I delievered a five hundred dollar order. What usually happens is the person will tip like 20 or 30 dollars which is good but not even 10 percent. Anyways, through some kind of mix up the guys business partner signed for the food and gave me a hundred dollar tip. "It's not my card" he said - Amazing.
And then one time I was thinking how I was lucky to have gotten a 50 dollar order instead of a 20 dollar order that I could have gotten. I thought "Of course maybe I am getting cocky, I wouldn't be surprised to only get a dollar from this person." I forgot about that thought until the lady gave me a dollar for the tip. I quickly started to try and change my thoughts to be more positive. I must have been doubting a little because I started getting really bad tips or no tips. I thought, oh no it's happening again. I realized that I had been doubting. Anyway, I changed that and things returned to normal.
This past week has been really quite amazing as far as tips. It's like my job as been this practice field were I get to see the results of my thoughts. I guess the next step is to apply what I have learned to my life and start to see other things happen.

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Anonymous said...

I think this post kind of goes along with what we were talking about the power of thought persuasion in other people as well...or "telephone telepathy" its amazing what happens when you change your thought processes...I've done this a lot this year...I contribute it to a complete 180 degree turn of my life